To Resolve or Not to Resolve…

Today’s post on Fit is a Feminist Issue about why New Year’s resolutions might not work resonated with me. But I have also made resolutions for the past two years….so I wanted to think this through.

I agree with Tracy that it’s better to see our ability to change as being ongoing and flexible throughout the year, week, or even day. But the calendar change can also act as a real anchor point, which I believe has value.

I’ve resolved for change in the past only to bail (or fail depending on ones perspective). But last year I didn’t bail. I was already working my way up to a new habit well before January 1st, implemting a slow and gradual move towards progress and slowly adopting new health and fitness changes into my routines.

But the calendar change marked the end of a vacation (i.e. recharge) and gave me a specific point to anchor my goals to for the coming year. So I made a resolution.

In 2018 I committed to exercising 218 times and to losing weight. I ended up with 262 exercises and losing 15lbs. But I also ran my first 10k and consistently started running 30 minute 5k’s. These key achievements are all anchored to a particular year. Which helps make them tangible and measurable in a meaningful way. 2018 is the year I accomplished these things.

Coming up on 2019 I started to rebound from a hard third quarter of 2018 and then refocused myself with clear goals for 2019. I even developed a strategic plan. While the Jan 1 start date is really arbitrary (and my plan could have been implemented any day), this year it was particularly important for me to use it. I needed to start my plan over my holidays while I was recharging and dumping stress. And using this marker gave me a real anchor and comparison point. I’m deliberately building on my wins from 2018 this year. I’m also aligning myself with my social support network through the 219 in 2019 Facebook Group.

So all this to say….do what works for you. Resolutions that don’t actually get done may have been doomed to fail regardless of their start date. But trying isn’t itself a bad thing. And for me it gives a real start and end point which help contextualize what’s going on with me.

Workout Report:
#12 for the year is physio exercises plus GMB Vitamin and #13 was another lunchtime walk with a 6 floor stair climb.


2 thoughts on “To Resolve or Not to Resolve…

  1. I love the idea of using specific dates as “anchor points” and hadn’t really thought about it. Thanks for further reflections on the ever-vexing issue of resolutions! Good luck with your 219 in 2019, which I am also doing, though through a smaller accountability group than the big one you probably belong to.

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